OfficeServ Phones

Samsung business telephones provide your business with feature rich quality products that will provide you with guaranteed reliability and all are backed with a Samsung 5 year warranty.

OfficeServ Systems

Unlike other VoIP products, Samsung offers products that have a simple and yet flexible platform, preserve your investment and are cost effective.

Current products start with any combination of dial tone platforms and flexible IP platforms if you need them.

Samsung App's

Samsung also provides applications that interfaces your business telephone system to your outlook contacts or a shared office contact list.

Samsung Support

We are here and we've been here when you need us. So if you are thinking about improving your office communications, Samsung OfficeServ business telephones have a long list of reasons to turn your decision in our direction.

We hope to build upon your satisfaction as we service your Samsung business products in and around Atlanta.

OfficeServ Business Telephones & Software

A Samsung's OfficeServ system empowers you to add the sophisticated functionality to your business telephone system economically at any time. Small investments today to the right system platform, positions your business to the gateway of more advanced productive tools and applications when you desire them.

Features of inner office chat, video calling, click to dial, mobile extension (MOBEX), Hot desking, OfficeServ Connect and hundreds of other features all connected with the flexibility your business may need in the coming days.

iDCS Business Telephones

28 buttons of pure office flexibility! See every employee, lines they use bundled with simple one button access to a host of features. With popular Samsung iDCS business telephones your business can have a sophisticated look with an economical budget.
  The iDCS Telephone

OfficeServ DS or IP Business Phones

Depending on the office decor, you may desire a different look. With a buffet of system features, this generation of Samsung OfficeServ phone comes in two versions. The preference is in the wiring structure your office uses. Samsung DS Series phones don't use switches or routers, which makes them very inexpensive to install. If you will use PoE switches and move around in the office allot, or you are a road warrior, then Samsung ITP business telephones would be used in that situation.

Both phones contain the same number of buttons. Click here for more information about either the Samsung DS Telephone or the Samsung ITP Telephones.

OfficeServ SMT-i Business Phones

OfficeServ SMT-i Business Telephones have designed to give you the choice that best fits your business needs. SMT-i series telephones take you out of the office and to another level of VoIP Telephony with the Samsung Multimedia features.

With enhanced productivity and communication among employees, you will be glad you invested in the right platform from the start. Click here for more information about either the SMT-i Series Business Telephones.

OfficeServ SMT Wireless Handsets

OfficeServ Wireless phones provide the mobility for those managers or employees that can not just stay at one location or on one site. If your personnel travel from site to site the OfficeServ SMT Wireless telephone can travel with them and connect from site to site. One extension, loaded with all the features you have grown to love.

Click here for more information about the SMT Wireless Telephones.

OfficeServ Wireless Access Points

OfficeServ Wireless Access Points are used as the link between the wireless phones and the OfficeServ Systems. But they do much more than just access the phone system. Designed to carry data, these WAP devices can also add to any office data network by providing that access to the network access.

Click here for more information about the OfficeServ Wireless Access Points.