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Samsung's evolving generation of systems, OfficeServ series, can provide any combination of traditional voice services, SIP, IP, and VoIP in any mixture for a complete office solution. Samsung OfficeServ systems also provide analog based wired or wireless product solutions for voice and data communications.


From a simple office system to a much larger demand, the OfficeServ family provides a perfect fit for today's office and Rottweiler Systems leads the way in service and implementation for the Atlanta business market.


The OfficeServ product family is the ideal solution for the future and the present office because it can simultaneously support both traditional voice communication, voice over IP (VoIP), SIP, IP based data communication, and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN, all within the same family.

Save your money and Buy Smart

Your company, no matter what the size, dial tone facilities or technology, Samsung Atlanta has a system just for you. Bundle that with the Rottweiler Security Business Advantage Choice Rewards program and using the SIP Bundle and you have a winning combination that saves you money.

      $ $ $ Samsung OfficeServ System Upgrade Specials $ $ $

Rottweiler Systems announced starting on August 16, 2010 and continuing until December 31st 2010, that business customers that trade in any used system will receive a trade in allowance of $ 1000 towards the purchase of a new OfficeServ 7200S Business Telephone System or $ 2500 towards the upgrade to a OfficeServ 7400 System. For BACR members the additional BACR benefits also apply. Any Business customer that converts their security system over during the same period to Rottweiler Security, will also receive the same benefit.


Samsung Business Communications Systems provide economical business systems that can utilize VoIP, SIP "plain old telephone service" or PRI service in one system. Samsung OfficeServ Systems come with a 5 year limited warranty that protects the business against exposure to expensive system repairs.


   OfficeServ 7030

Perfect for the small office and best described as "Advanced Technology on a Limited Budget", the OfficeServ 7030 gives all the business features you would expect from a much bigger system.

Couple that with the Rottweiler BACR rewards and you have a wining combination for your office needs.

   OfficeServ 7100

From the smaller OfficeServ 7030 and perfect for the small office of less than 25 employees, the OfficeServ 7100 telephone system could only have been created by Samsung, a Global telecommunications company. With the vast human and technological resources required to create a visionary product of such evident superiority, the OfficeServ 7100 system is the number one system purchased in 2009.


Based on international design requirements, Samsung OfficeServ systems are flexible enough to satisfy any configuration requirements you may encounter. Its ability to support digital ISDN-PRI, T1, IP, VoIP, SIP and Copper trunks allows the business to migrate or fluctuate between different product offerings from various dial tone carriers all at a competitive price. Add the Computer telephony integration applications with advanced voice mail and fax processing, along with Automated Attendant, and Uniform Call Distribution, and you have a system that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The beginning of IP Telephony this system packs a punch! As a smart start in your office communications this system allows you to get what you need today and expand along with your business.

Very flexible the OfficeServ 7100 can be configured with IP telephones, digital telephones, single line telephones, copper lines, SIP trunks or a PRI, a built in 4 port voice mail and even interface to OfficeServ Applications!

Beyond flexible in many ways, the OfficeServ 7100 can migrate to multiple locations or even be part of a many site platform.

Outgrow the OfficeServ 7100, step into a OfficeServ 7200S or 7200 system. No matter what your growth rate the OfficeServ family of systems can grow with you and Samsung Atlanta is here as you continue to grow.

   OfficeServ 7200

If you outgrow the OfficeServ 7100, the OfficeServ 7200 provides the next step in today's modern office. Providing a mixture of iDCS digital telephones, IP telephones and a wireless solution for voice and data communication, the OfficeServ 7200 system packs a punch. OfficeServ is the ideal solution for the future and the present office because it can simultaneously support both traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication, and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN.

   OfficeServ 7400

A feature rich platform the OfficeServ 7400 is the ideal solution for today's office. Offering enhanced communications to handle increasing and evolving traffic patterns, the OfficeServ 7400 simultaneously supports traditional voice communication, VoIP (Voice over IP), SIP, IP-based data communication, Applications and wireless solutions through wireless LAN's. It can be expanded beyond a single cabinet and linked with other site locations for a one platform solution.

   Voice Mail - Svmi

Specifically designed to integrate into Samsung's OfficeServ 7200 or 7400 series systems, the SVMi-20E offers the features and functionality of Voicemail and Auto Attendant while focusing on immediate, personalized and unobstructed access to callers, all built in with no additional licensing fees!.


Unified messaging brought to a new level, the Svmi-20E packs a powerful advantage over other products that use a voice mail product. No extra licenses, each user gets a voice mail package that will exceed your expectations.

Clearly the right choice, Rottweiler Systems, Inc. provides, installs and services systems to your satisfaction.

What are you looking for in a vendor? If you want one that supports your business, Rottweiler will exceed your expectations.

Starting from the basics, or growing to enterprise level, from a few phones to hundreds we have the system and capability to meet and exceed your expectations.

And it does not stop there. With the CTI applications you now have even more powerful products at your disposal.

These are NOT annual licenses! Many of the IP/VoIP distributors fail to tell you that every year they are going to charge you hundreds of dollars to "renew" your VoIP licenses! Samsung Atlanta does not charge "re-licensing" fees on software licenses. Make your choice wisely...


Samsung OfficeServ Wireless is setting a new standard for enterprise wireless communication. The new Samsung OfficeServ SMT-W5100E Handset, communicating with SMT-R2000 Dual Band Wireless Access Points, bring a new definition of what power really means to wireless voice and data users.
With so many quality systems and parts, we hope to be a worthy consideration. We also have other quality systems and services and to find out more about them, click here.

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Want to know the difference in communication platforms? Rottweiler Systems offers several other brands of IP Platform products. So if you do not see what you are looking for, we can provide you with a solution to match your budget.

   Atlanta Hosted VoIP

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Why purchase and maintain technology you may never use? A better investment is purchase what you need when you need it. Don't make the foolish mistakes of investing in a technology platform you may never use.

From the smallest Samsung system to the most complex, Samsung Atlanta has the product and solution to fit your budget, if we didn't we would not offer it. Call today for a free quote and a great start to a communication system that will not rob your future, function from the start and grow when you need it to grow no matter what the type of dial tone service you will use.