OfficeServ Support

With the increasing cost of fuel, vehicles and the finite resource of qualified people, businesses are encouraged to implement systems sold or services by Centerpoint Digital Services, Inc. to implement a strategy of remote access by hardware or software for easy remote access and to reduce costs.

  • Remote access saves time and money.

OfficeServ Licenses

Unlike other VoIP products, Samsung OfficeServ Licensing is a one time purchase, NOT ANNUALLY, saving you thousands of dollars each year! Each software package has its own requirements, click on the link for the requirement and cost of the software.

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OfficeServ Software Applications

Samsung's OfficeServ CTI products enable you to add sophisticated functionality to your phone system by utilizing a data link between the phone equipment and a PC or LAN using various software packages.

OfficeServ Operator

OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based Auto Attendant Console solution for your company. Read more..

OfficeServ Softphone

OfficeServ Softphone is a software-based application that turns your computer into a full-featured Samsung IP telephone. It is                                   installed directly onto your laptop or desktop PC. Read more..

OfficeServ Call

OfficeServ Call improves the operation of your organization by offering "screen pops" for incoming calls, PC-based telephone operation, and contact management. Read more..

Link & EasySet

OfficeServ Link a software gateway which mediates between OfficeServ CTI applications and a Samsung key system. Included                                   with OfficeServ Link is OfficeServ EasySet. Read more..

OfficeServ Communicator

Samsung OfficeServ Communicator seamlessly brings together voice, video, and instant messaging capabilities at a price that matches your business size. Read more..